Laser Frenectomy

What is a Frenectomy?

The procedure called a frenectomy, is performed to remove the frenula. It can also be small folds of tissue found in various parts of the body that are responsible for keeping an organ from moving too far from the right position. This procedure can be known as a frenectomy or a frenulectomy, it is most commonly performed in various parts of the mouth as part of orthodontic treatment. The frenectomy procedure is performed using advanced surgical techniques that help minimize wound contraction, bleeding and scarring.

How is the procedure performed?

A frenectomy can be performed using a variety of techniques. The safest and most efficient techniques involves the use of a CO2 surgical laser, which can help improve the precision and accuracy of the treatment. This can also minimize bleeding and reduces the risk of complications, mainly because the laser does not cut the frenenulum but simply vaporizes it. The process of a frenectomy is not painful and is, actually, comfortable even for young patients, with babies even sleeping through it. CO2 laser frenectomies can also guarantee faster ablation, predictable tissue response, protection from infection, and just about instant hemostasis. Moreover, comparative  results show that scarring is reduced much more in incisions made with CO2 lasers as compared with incisions made using a traditional surgical scalpel.

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