What is a Veneer?


Before getting dental veneers you may be interested in learning more about this awesome dental service! When it comes to covering flaws, veneers are a wonderful product that will create amazing results. You'll be impressed with how much better your teeth will look once you have your veneers placed. Veneers can cover many dental flaws with little effort. Below, are some good facts to know about veneers!

A veneer is a  thin, usually porcelain shell that is adhered to the fronts of your teeth to cover flaws.

Dental veneers can cover, improve shaping, contouring issues, discoloration or spotting, chips or gaps, misaligned or crooked teeth, awkward lengths, and a variety of other imperfections.

Before your veneers are placed, the doctor will gently etch the surface enamel of your teeth to create a better base for the adhesive. Once the enamel is prepared, the doctor will adhere temporary veneers while your new ones are created in the lab. Once they are ready, the dental veneers will be bonded to your teeth with a long lasting dental glue.

Veneers normally last 15-20 years, or sometimes longer. The length will range depending on how well you care for your veneers, your surrounding gums, and your teeth. Veneers can be easily replaced if they become damaged or worn. They can also be placed in as little as one dental visit or as many as three visits, depending on what type of veneers you choose.

Before starting the veneers process, you will need to have a dental check up and allow us to fix any cavities and remove any dangerous infections. Themplacement is a minimally invasive and highly effective cosmetic solution.

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